Services Offered At AOM

Bodywork (Shiatsu)
Clinical Nutrition Counseling
Life-Style Counseling
Kinesio Taping
Sports Injuries

Acupuncture & Related Modalities
Tai Ji Chuan (Qi Gong)
Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation


  • Patients may acquire a written referral from their provider. The referral may indicate a diagnosis and suggested number of visits. However, this is not mandated.
  • It is highly recommended that patients produce any recent blood panels, x-ray reports, MRI reports, and or any diagnostics relevant to their chief complaint.

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Full Service Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) Program:

Our Full Service AOM are reserved for those clients who require a more comprehensive approach to their healthcare needs. During a full service AOM visit, the practitioner spends about forty minutes with each client during which the full compliment of AOM modalities is utilized. The client may require acupuncture with or without electrical stimulation, cupping, gua sha (therapeutic scraping), bodywork or thermal or cryotherapy.

                                                   Click Here to Download Treatment Fee Schedule                                                           Updated: January 15, 2017

Basic Fee Structure visit to visit 
Initial Visit:   $145.00 - 1 Hr: Includes Evaluation and Treatment.
Follow-ups:  $95.00 each (30-40 Min)  
Treatment Program One (1)
Initial Visit:   $145.00 - 1 Hr: Includes Evaluation and Treatment. 
Follow-ups:  $340.00 - Four Visits (4) at $85.00 each: (30-40 min)
                                   (A savings of $40.00)
Treatment Program Two (2)
Initial Visit:   $145.00 - 1 Hr: Includes Evaluation and Treatment. 
Follow-ups:  $600.00 - Eight Visits (8) at $75.00 each: (30-40 min)
                                   (A savings of $160.00)
Treatment Program Three (3)
Initial Visit:   $145.00 - 1 Hr: Includes Evaluation and Treatment. 
Follow-ups:  $780.00 - Twelve Visits (12) at $65.00 each: (30-40 min)
                                   (A savings of $360.00)
Chinese Herbal Formula Consultation and Recommendation 
Initial Visit:   $145.00 - 1 Hr: Includes Evaluation and Herbal Recommendation
Follow-ups:  $95.00 each (30-40 Min) 
Kinesio Taping
Evaluation and Application:   $30.00
Bodywork (Tuina/Shiatsu)
Evaluation and Treatment:     $95.00 - 1 Hr.


Raw Herbs:
Approximately 15 - 20 cents per gram per herb
Liquid Extracts:
$4.00 per Fluid Ounce
Capsules & Granules:
Cost is based on the type of formula, but usually cost between $13.00 to $25.00

Note: Patients are personally responsible for visit fees not covered or denied by their insurance carrier.

Note: All herbal orders must be prepaid. Herbal orders are placed on Fridays of each week if your formula is
not in stock and takes approximately five business days for delivery.


1. Payment is due at the time of treatment.
2. Payment may be made in cash or personal check made payable to: “Ian A. Cyrus”.
We are participating in the following insurance programs:

  • Blue Cross – Blue Shield, Federal Employee Program (FEP)
  • ​Health Partners Insurance
  • Cigna Insurance Company (pending approval)
  • Workman’s Compensation Program
  • PA Automotive Accident Program

4. We accept out of network policies if it is covered under your policy and if your insurance company provides out of network


Patients with outstanding balances will receive three (3) notices of delinquency over a period of three (3) months, one each month. A five (5%) percent charge will be imposed on all outstanding balances. After three (3) notices, balances will be turned over for collections that can adversely affect your credit.